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Get a Mommy Makeover This Mother’s Day

Mommy Makeover

With Mother’s Day coming up, you can give your wife or girlfriend the gift of a mommy makeover. Abdominoplasty, also commonly known as, “tummy tuck” is a popular procedure to remove any excess fats and helps refine the appearance of a smoother and firmer skin. After pregnancy, the skin begins to deteriorate and gives the appearance of sagging. Even if many continue to work hard to shed the post-pregnancy pounds, stubborn fat can still remain. Thus, frustration and lack of confidence may begin to kick in. A tummy tuck can boost her confidence and give your loved on her feeling of youth back!

Besides the obvious reason of looking fit, there are different medical benefits of a tummy tuck. For example, it can prevent a ventral hernia. A ventral hernia is when an abdominal tissue breaks from the wall and forms a sack. In addition, it will reduce the risks of stress urinary incontinence. These occur during many vaginal births and can be impeded with tightening the abdominal. Also, it will help give a better posture and tone.

While tummy tucks and mommy makeovers are more in demand with older women, it is also growing in popularity with younger women as well. Younger women who struggle to lose weight can decide for this option especially if they want to look beautiful in their bikinis during the summer season.

Even though tummy tucks are not publicized in the media as much as liposuction, it is quite common for many Hollywood stars to undergo this treatment. In fact, many Hollywood women need to maintain youthful appearances in order to compete for leading roles. Celebrities who publicly support tummy tucks include Courtney Love, Ciara and Kim Zoliak.

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