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Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before a Brazilian Butt Lift

Before any major cosmetic procedure, it is incredibly important that you ask the proper questions. If you aren’t asking the right questions, how can you expect the results you want? By asking the questions you need to ask, you guarantee that you are getting the proper procedure, your desired results are possible, and that you and your surgeon are on the same page. For any and all of the questions you may have regarding a Brazilian butt lift in Bakersfield, contact Bella Health and Beauty today.

Over the past few years, the popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift has exploded. Lots of surgeons are performing this fat grafting, highly-technical procedure that requires lots of skill and technique from the surgeon. Because of the technique-dependent nature of this particular procedure, some surgeons have seen much better results than others. The power you hold, as the consumer, is great! You are able to compare results between surgeons and ask them questions that will help you establish who the right surgeon for you is.

The information you can gather from asking the RIGHT questions will help you determine who you want to perform your Brazilian Butt Lift. These are the 6 most important questions you can ask before your butt lift.

1. Are you board certified? By who?

This is always the first question you should ask when you are dealing with a new doctor, particularly a plastic surgeon. Specifically, you should inquire whether or not they are Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. There are many doctors out there who are certified by another board, and take advantage of loopholes and the lack of patient information to perform plastic surgery anyway. If the doctor you are consulting with does not give you a straight answer, cannot provide documentation, or is not totally transparent about where their certification comes from, walk out! There are many plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery that are ready, willing, and able to perform your procedure, and these are doctors you CAN trust.

2. How many of these procedures have you performed?

You don’t want to be the first Brazilian Butt Lift your plastic surgeon has performed, right? So, one of your first questions should be to find out how many of these procedures they have performed. As a part of this, asking for before and after photos of previous clients and seeing at least 10 great results should be one of your criteria. This gives the surgeon the opportunity to show you their experience with different body types and different levels of difficulty, giving you faith that they will be able to handle your particular case well, too.

3. How is the Brazilian Butt Lift performed?

Finding out how your doctor performs this surgery is key. There are 3 distinct components to the Brazilian Butt Lift: liposuction, fat processing and fat re-injection, and each of these components are critical to the success of the whole surgery. You want to understand the technique your surgeon is going to use and hear it in his own words.

4. What is your ideal result for me?

Being on the same page when it comes to results is important between you and your surgeon. You should both address your current body and ideal results, and make sure you both are talking about the same thing. Too many patients do not explain themselves thoroughly, or let the surgeon take the wheel. Ask your surgeon directly what their ideal result is, and what that will look like on your body.

5. How likely is it that I will need a post-op touch up and how much would it cost?

This question is a great test for your surgeon. If they say you might need a touch-up, you will very likely need one. If they are vague or non-specific about cost, redos, and other post-op situations, then you should probably head for the door. Sometimes, touch-ups and redos are necessary because of how your body re-absorbs fat. However, this is still unusual, and is an issue your surgeon should be happy and willing to discuss openly. There should be a specific and clear policy for touch-ups, billing, and overall cost, and you should be well aware of it long before you go into surgery.

6. How long will this surgery take?

You should be aware of how long surgery is going to take, adn your experienced surgeon should be able to give you a very good estimate. Typically, a Brazilian Butt Lift will take between 5 and 8 hours, depending on how much liposuction is performed and how much fat is being reinjected. If your doctor predicts a much shorter surgery, they are likely taking shortcuts that you want to avoid. Anything less than 4 hours signifies major shortcuts being taken.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Bakersfield

At Bella Health and Beauty, we are prepared to answer all of your questions regarding a Brazilian butt lift in Bakersfield. Our board-certified surgeons are some of the best, and have some of the best results out there. To pursue the Brazilian Butt Lift of your dreams, call us to set up a consultation!

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Difference Between Brazilian Butt Lift & Butt Implants

One of the biggest trends in the plastic surgery world and popular culture has become centered around having the perfect, and most shapely figure. Whether celebrities have natural or enhanced curves, with the help of plastic surgery you too can have the figure of your dreams. The Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants are too such procedures that have cornered the market on mastering the perfect behind and creating the ideal appearance. Patients typically consider a buttock augmentation in light of major weight loss or simply to reach their ideal aesthetic. To make a sound decision between the two, one needs to consider all that comes with each procedure.

The Procedures

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that takes the patient’s own fat and injects it back into the buttocks. Fat can be taken from the thighs, abdomen or flanks.

Butt Implants

This procedure inserts implants into the patient’s buttocks, much like breast implants, to create a rounder behind.

The Look & Feel

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure utilizes the patient’s fat from different areas on the body to create their ideal shape. As it harvests the fat, the Butt Lift creates a more natural look and feel to the buttocks area. Whereas butt implants, are meant to create a defined oval or rounded shape to the buttocks and remain solid with no movement. Patients are able to choose a more natural look with the Butt Lift or a firmer appearance with the butt implants.

Procedure & Recovery

The Butt Lift procedure is an efficient way to enhance your behind. To start, the procedure begins with liposuction. The doctor may take from any one of the patient’s troublesome areas with an excess amount of fat. After the fat has been taken out, the doctor will then insert the fat into the buttocks through the strategic placement of injections and begin to create a fuller shape. This is an outpatient procedure and patients are able to return home the same day. Pressure should not be applied to the buttocks for at least three weeks following the procedure to let the area maintain its shape and heal properly. Patients will receive a compression garment to hold the buttocks in place and let the buttocks heal into the new shape. After four weeks, patients are able to return to work and normal activities.

The butt implant procedure begins with an incision that is made to create a pocket to place the silicone implants within the patient’s buttocks. The doctor will insert the implants to perfect the shape and contour of the patient’s behind. Implants are typically solid and will not shift over time. Patients are able to return home from the procedure same day. Pressure to the buttocks area should be avoided for at least three weeks after the procedure. A compression garment will be administered to the patient to place the implant. Patients will be fully healed in six weeks.

The Final Verdict

The results of a Brazilian Butt Lift remain natural and last in comparison to butt implants. This procedure also has less scarring. Butt implant results are less natural than the Brazilian Butt Lift. Implants are not permanent and will not last longer than 8 to 12 years. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, patients are able to target areas with unwanted fat like the thighs, flanks or abdomen to further contour their shape. Which ultimately is like getting two procedures in one. This procedure requires no foreign objects to be placed within the buttocks and avoids the risk of the body rejecting the implants altogether with the fat injections.

If you are interested in the Brazilian Butt Lift, contact Bella Health & Beauty to schedule your consultation.

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Common Reasons Why To Get A Brazilian Butt Lift


Summer season means bikini season. Most girls want to look their best and show off their curvy backside. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the same shapely backside as Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. Even with those Brazilian work out videos or butt exercise routine, many still doesn’t get the desired result they want. This is why Brazilian Butt Lift procedure has risen popularity in the past few years. Here are other reasons why people are getting Brazilian Butt Lifts:

To Look Youthful

As we age, the buttocks tend to lose it shape and volume which makes it sag. When this happens, the body looks unproportioned hence giving it an unflattering appearance. Getting a Brazilian butt lift procedure restores youth by improving the body’s curve and making the backside more attractive.

Clothes Fit Better

Looking good in a bikini is not the only main reason in getting the procedure. Most often, patients enhance their backside to improve the way they look in a tight dress, jeans, shorts and even in their gym wear.

Quick Results

The procedure gives immediate results compared to doing butt exercises that usually takes time to see the visible outcome. Healing time is a month but the results are long-lasting. Just be mindful that there are some restrictions during recovery time like not to sit directly on your buttocks and using compression garments.

Improves Self-esteem

Some people get the procedure to look and feel good about their appearance. Having a proportioned and shapely buttocks helps others boost their self-confidence. This is life changing for some people who is not satisfied with their appearance thus it helps them view themselves in a more positive outlook.


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