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Labiaplasty Bakersfield

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that can improve the symptoms of enlarged labia by trimming and restructuring the vagina’s inner lips (labia minor), outer lips (labia majora), or both. Most labiaplasty operations are done by private clinics as cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Considering Labiaplasty?

Some women considers labiaplasty if the contours of the vaginal structures have changed and stretched over time, experiences discomfort or pain with sexual activity, irritation while performing everyday activities. Patients who have experienced pain, a lower self-esteem, or difficulty partaking in regular activities due to excess labial tissue have considered a labiaplasty procedure.

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Common Types of Labiaplasty Procedure

Labia Minora Reduction

  • Labia minora reduction is used to reduce the length or size of the labia minora.
  • It is intended to remove extra skin at the inner lips of the vulva.
  • Minimal scarring is involved in this procedure.

Labia Majora Reduction

  • Labia Majora Reduction is to reduce the size of enlarged outer lips of the vagina.
  • The surgery is fairly minor and is not very uncomfortable.
  • The complication rate is very low.

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