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Lip Augmentation: The Most Popular Trend in Cosmetic Surgery?

First it was Angelina Jolie. When the actress was in the height of her popularity, everyone wanted to have her full, luscious lips. The trend is getting so much press again. Popular reality television star and another Kardashian sibling, Kylie Jenner, is making headlines because of her recent admission of getting lip enhancements. Having more than 40 million followers on Instagram alone, she is one of the biggest celebrity right now that most people are trying to emulate especially her signature full lips.

What are the reasons why people get lip enhancements? First, as we grow older our lips tend to lose volume. Most people get the procedure to achieve plumper lips which is mostly associated with youth. Second, full lips is very trendy right now. It is in most of our nature to want to look a certain way or imitate beautiful and popular public figures. Third, getting lip fillers is easy, simple and can be less expensive than other cosmetic procedure. Not like before were fat was the only alternative for lip fillers, nowadays, new fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are better options because they are smoother and can easily be absorb into the body. Also, this kind of treatment is reversible. Overfilling can be removed through the use of Hyaluronidase injection. Lastly, lip treatments are not as expensive as other facial cosmetic procedures were you have to spend thousands of dollar. The only downside to the treatment is the maintenance part. You need to get it done every 4-6 months to always have that full, plump lips which is where it can be costly.

For any treatment, it’s always best practice to do your own research. The good thing about lip fillers is that if you regret getting it done, it’s not permanent. It’s easier to fix and will cost you less money.

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MonaLisa Touch Laser

Menopause is often conceived as a nightmare for most women for it is when they ‘lose’ their sexuality as women. The reason is due to their inability to reproduce. One of the most important symptoms of menopause isinfertility. With this dreadful symptom, follows physical and emotional distress such as:

  1. Vaginal dryness
  2. Mood swings
  3. Decreased sex drive
  4. Hot flashes

MonaLisa Touch Laser is FDA-approved treatment to cure the genital atrophy caused by menopause. As women go through menopause, they lose blood flow to vaginal area and lose vaginal tissue. As these symptoms arise, it becomes painful to have intercourse due to its lack of lubrication. MonaLisa Touch Laser treats qualified women going through the difficult times of menopause in their early 40s and 50s.

How does it work?
MonaLisa Touch is a simple non-surgical, painless procedure that does not require anesthesia. It works by sending out tiny laser dots onto the walls of vagina. The laser is used to create miniscule holes in the walls of vagina to allow the body to heal itself while arousing cells to generate new tissue surrounding the area. This process allows the body to create new collagen, which can be simply explained as ‘body regenerating healthy tissue.’ The actual treatment with the laser takes less than a minute, while entire process takes around 20 minutes.

The benefits of MonaLisa
The patients who have been treated with MonaLisa Touch Laser have been extremely satisfied with the results. It improves the sexual drive for women, enhanced orgasm, and may also result in tightness in the genital area with increased lubrication. This may all be achieved through MonaLisa because it increases the tissue and blood flow in vagina, rejuvenates the damaged tissue, and reduces infection.

How many treatments before the results?
The average number of treatments required to fully benefit from MonaLisa Touch is about 3 trials in a span of 10 weeks. Most patients have been successful with just one time treatment, but most doctors recommend getting the treatment more than just once for long lasting result.

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