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Body Lift : What You Need to Know

Have you recently experienced a major weight loss? Why not complete the look with a body lift here at Bella Health & Beauty? What is a body lift you ask? Let us explain.

Bella Health and Beauty provides a plethora of body contouring surgeries like tummy tucks, liposuction, mommy makeover, Brazilian butt lift, body lift and labiaplasty. A body lift procedure is for patients with excess skin, fat and other tissues. The act of the procedure in simpler terms is all about contouring the body. The surgeon will remove all of the excess skin from the abdomen, hips, outer thighs and buttocks, essentially providing patients with a new, slim figure.

A candidate for a body lift should have some form of significant weight loss that shows around their body in the form of excess skin. There are different options available in which our doctors will help you identify which procedure fits your body best. We also offer a procedure that deals with lifting the lower body. The lower body lift is a less invasive surgery than the whole-body lift. A lower body lift recovery time is anywhere between two to three weeks. Our body lift procedures focus on the parts of the body that normally house fat and extra skin. The lift provides ultimate shaping for those who apply for this surgery.

A full body lift is centered around the removal excess of fat rather than liposuction which is a more involved method of getting rid of fat. If sagging skin is causing you physical and or emotional distress, a body lift is perfect for you. A body lift surgery is more so focused on improving areas in which skin elasticity has lost its ability to snap back. The recovery time for a full body lift is anywhere from two weeks to two months.

Although risks may present themselves in every medical procedure, there are always positive results to be had. The body lift can give amazing results to well deserving patients here at Bella Health and Beauty. The excess amount of skin that comes with weight loss is ultimately stuck hanging there unless you opt for a body lift. You worked hard and achieved the goal of losing weight, why not tie it all in a perfect bow with a body lift?

A study done by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 2016 presented conclusive results that the body lift is a “safe and effective operation for optimal waist contouring”. A consultation will determine if this incredible procedure can benefit your life. If any of this sounds like you could be a candidate for the Body Lift surgery here at Bella Health & Beauty, we’d love to help you determine your course of action. Contact us here or call us at (661) 247-8211, we would love to help you on the road to achieving your ideal body!

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