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What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry is actually a common problem for many women and occurs when the breast is different in form, position or volume. This is typically an issue for adolescent girls and the breasts usually even out in size as the girls grow into adulthood. However, sometimes the breasts remain uneven and women are left looking for options to correct this problem. Read on to discover your options if breast asymmetry is a challenge you face.

More Common Than You Think

To fully understand breast asymmetry, it’s important to understand the structure and basic anatomy of the breast itself. Breasts are made up of glands within the front of the chest wall. The average breast weighs between seven and 10 ounces and is composed of approximately 12 to 20 lobes that spread out from the nipple. Each lobe has one central duct that opens at the nipple, allowing women to lactate.

It’s also important to note that breast tissue can change with a women’s menstrual cycle. Many women feel their breasts are more sensitive when they ovulate, and this is actually due to water retention and additional blood flow.

While common with women, the specific cause of breast asymmetry is not fully known. Possible contributing factors include hormonal changes, as well as traumatic injuries. If a young girl suffers an injury to the breast bud, she can often develop asymmetry as she continues to develop.

There could be an underlying medical condition causing the asymmetry, such as non-cancerous fibroids. There is one rare but known medical condition, called juvenile hypertrophy, in which one breast grows significantly larger than the other, thus causing not just physical issues but psychological as well. It is usually treated with surgery.

Another rare medical condition causing breast asymmetry is called “Polands Syndrome.” This causes one breast to fail to grow because the tissues responsible for development are missing. This can also cause psychological issues, particularly in young girls, so surgery is often the best options. Other potential causes of breast asymmetry could include scoliosis or other deformities in the chest wall.

Importance of Breast Health

There is some research making the case that breast asymmetry is an indicator for an increase in breast cancer risk. This makes self exams, as well as regular mammograms and physician exams an important health plan to put into place, especially as a woman ages and her risk of breast cancer increases. WebMD has some excellent tips to maintain your breast health, including preventative care and the importance of monitoring changes as women age.

Breast Asymmetry Options

There are two options for breast asymmetry surgery: breast reduction or breast implants. You should check with a qualified professional to see which option is right for you. Depending on your current cup size or the cup size you desire, there is definitely a discussion to be had that examines the pros and cons of reduction verses implants.

Typically, potential patients have a variety of questions regarding breast asymmetry surgery options as well as general breast health. The team at Bella Health and Beauty combines decades of experience in not only women’s health but also cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Bella Health and Beauty is a specialized brand of high end cosmetic surgery, skin care and products that’s is pro developed and produced organically.

Dr. Sarwa Aldoori and Dr. Yakdan Alqaisi are available to guide you through the process and answer any questions.

If you suffer from breast asymmetry, contact the experts at Bella Health and Beauty today and schedule your consultation.

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