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Exercising After a Breast Augmentation

One of the first questions asked after undergoing our breast augmentation in Bakersfield is: “When can I go back to doing my normal activities?” And this includes exercising. And it makes perfect sense for patients to want to get their lives back to normal as soon as possible. And with the confidence gained from achieving the body you’ve always wanted, you certainly want to get back in the gym and keep yourself fit and looking good. But how soon is too soon? Can you do any damage if you start exercising too early? Read on to learn the best strategy to regain your momentum and hit the gym and when it’s best to listen to your body and let the healing process run its course.

Start Slowly

The experts at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have shared their thoughts on exercising after breast augmentations surgery. They advise starting out slowly from the very beginning by taking a light walk around your room immediately after surgery about every other hour. Nothing too strenuous, just a short walk to keep your circulation going and to help prevent blood clots.

Patients are advised to increase their cardio (walking on a treadmill or uphill) two weeks after surgery. After one full month, patients can typically resume most of their regular exercises with the important exception of heavy lifting. Most medical professionals advise lifting nothing heavier than 10 pounds, no heavy pulling or pushing (this includes opening and closing heavy car doors and lugging around a heavy purse). Patients are also cautioned to avoid certain yoga poses and Pilates moves, as well as swinging a golf club or tennis racket. By the six-week mark, most patients are totally healed and can resume all normal exercises.

The healing process and exercise abilities and goals are different for every patient, but eventually, once everything has healed properly, patients can regain total strength in those pectoral muscles and resume any exercise they wish.

Get the Results You Want

Caution is the best course of action when implementing your exercise regimen after breast augmentation surgery. You want your results to last as long as possible, so make sure you have the right medical professionals in your corner and the right plan in place post-surgery to get and keep the results you want. If you begin an exercise routine and find yourself with any pain, discomfort or swelling, then back off and check in with your medical professional.

Breast Augmentation in Bakersfield

Having the right team of medical professionals is the key to your success. Contact the team at Bella Health and Beauty to get your questions answered and figure out your best options for undergoing a breast augmentation in Bakersfield. Bella Health and Beauty is available and eager to help you in your journey to achieving your health goals and regaining your confidence. Schedule a consultation with Bella Health and Beauty today.

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